Locked down far from home during a pandemic: “Being helped during a time like this is the difference between being a musician or not being a musician”
Multi-disciplinary duo
31st August 2021

Rebecca Harris and her partner, Franklin Mockett, formed multi-disciplinary project, Samana, when they embarked on a spontaneous year-long trip across the natural wilderness and cities of Eastern Europe.

Rhumba Club -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

We caught up with supported-artist Rhumba Club to talk about what it's really like to be a musician, how the pandemic interfered with the release of his new album and how, through Help Musicians' support, he learnt to create a long-term sustainable income stream. "It's one of the reasons the charity is really great, because it recognises that some people are just innately creative and need that support to live the life that they need to live" - Rhumba Club

A life remembered: Jane Manning OBE
Graham Sheffield
Chairman of Help Musicians
6th April 2021

A personal note: Graham Sheffield CBE - Chair, Help Musicians

Female Voices in Musical Theatre: How our Transmission Fund helped Wigmore & Green’s musical theatre careers
Caroline Wigmore
Musical theatre writer
13th December 2019

Jen Green and Caroline Wigmore are musical theatre writers and recent recipients of Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund, which helped them at a crucial point in their development, both as artists and as women working in theatre. Caroline has written a blog to tell us more about their experience at SHE Festival New York this past June, presenting their new show, ‘The Bachelor Girls’.

Musician Go: the powerful online directory for local music services
Musician Go
Musician Go
30th June 2017

Musician Go is a brand new website that aims to be every musician’s central resource to receive gig bookings, search for music teachers to harness their progression and discover local businesses to serve their musical needs.

Looking to the future for Help Musicians Scotland
Claire Gevaux
Creative Director
11th April 2017

As the charity approaches it centenary year in 2021, we are committed to be truly representative of the music sector, increasing our presence in the nations and regions of the UK, being inclusive to every genre and reaching a diverse range of musicians and those working in the broader industry.