Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021
Help Musicians speaks to supported-artist MEI about her journey of getting into music, receiving support to create and develop new music and how she reached out to Help Musicians again a few years later for support with her recovery from long Covid.
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

When COVID-19 gripped the world and national Lockdown was enforced, Grace's plans for her nearly completed EP came to a sudden halt. With Help Musicians support Grace was able to record the rest of the tracks remotely, but the most critical aspect of support came unexpectedly, in the form of mental health care, after it came to light that Grace was struggling with a severe anxiety disorder.

Help: but is it enough!
Graham Sheffield
Chairman of Help Musicians
11th March 2021

"For all of us, 2020 was one of the most challenging years in our collective history, and it certainly was within the 99 year history of Help Musicians, as we enter our centenary year."

Graham Sheffield delivers a speech at the Association of British Orchestras conference 2021.

Love Never Fails
Matt (a.k.a Digital Pilgrimz)
21st June 2018

Hear from Matt (a.k.a Digital Pilgrimz) on the power of music in aiding his recovery, and how Help Musicians UK has helped him through his mental health challenges.

How Help Musicians UK continues to support musicians’ mental health
Christine Brown
Director of External Affairs & NI
8th May 2017

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 we reflect on the work we already do to support musicians & look forward to the next stages of our mental health campaign. 

Postcards and Stories from our musicians - Part 2
Susie Butt
Volunteer & Engagement Officer
14th February 2017

As part of our Valentine’s takeover day we are sharing our love for musicians by sharing stories on how we've helped musicians through a crisis or illness.